Saving is easy with the Waterhawk Smart Showerhead!

Track cumulative water usage and temperature in real time. Know when the water is ready and decide how much you want to save!

Why BeaWaterHawk Showerhead Filter?

The average person uses 17 gallons per shower, spending over $2,300 annually! Slide to discover how much you could be saving.


The quick color indicators let you know when it’s time to jump in. The LED Display shows you the current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

“There is also the not-so-obvious benefit of having at-a-glance data on the temperature of the water as it emerges from the showerhead, which can lead to energy savings on water heating.” 

— Tom Kolnowski, Digitized House


“The info junkie in me liked keeping an eye on the water consumption from the moment I turned on the water, to the time I got under the water to the time I turned the water off.”

— E.B. Muligan

“Its flow is strong and at 6″diameter quite a nice experience. The readout is actually quite helpful since I usually step in while the water is still getting hotter.”

— Condor, Vine Voice

“I don’t know how they made this with no batteries and I was beyond impressed. Easy item to recommend for any bathroom.”

— Dan McKinnon

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Can A Shower Head Filter Remove Iron From Water?

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